The Yoga Summit of Ohio is a community of caring teachers, healers and activists reaching out to into our city and beyond to provide accessible practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sustainability, non-violence and more. Beginning as an annual weekend yoga gathering to enhance connection and collaboration specifically within the yoga community, The Yoga Summit started in Akron in 2014. It has since blossomed to still create that annual yoga gathering and now additionally to provide “Accessible Movement, Stillness & More” programming to the broader community all year round. Focusing primarily in areas that are underserved, The Yoga Summit of Ohio representatives travel to groups ranging from the visually impaired, domestic violence/homeless shelters, to disadvantaged youth, to those who are considered special needs, to the elderly, and to those in recovery from addiction, etc. Through connection and working with people to see/feel the potential within them, The Yoga Summit produces wholeness, peacefulness and a true community of care and support.

The Yoga Summit stands on four pillars of wisdom, service, accessibility and collaboration