About Us

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The Yoga Summit seeks to aid the transformation & healing  of Akron through authentic collaboration, inclusive love, and the exploration of our true Self by the celebration of the varied yogic traditions and wisdoms.

Wisdom is a celebration of knowledge as well as the knowledge-bearers. We see the wisdom existent already in our community. Joy, non-violence, and authenticity all fall under Wisdom. Without this pillar, service is unhelpful, accessibility is inauthentic, and collaboration is ineffective.

Service is sacred duty for the Yoga Summit. As members of this community, we seek to encourage authentic service beyond the walls of a yoga studio and beyond asana. Part of this call to service is leadership development, which supports mentorship, and empowers yogis and other healing practitioners to play effective roles in the healing of our cities and peoples.

Accessibility brings the teachings of yoga to all people in our community. We strive to bring practices and practitioners to people,  especially lower income levels, of all races and backgrounds. This pillar is also steeped in practices for members of our community with precious few options to experience yoga; communities like the visually impaired, deaf, autistic, developmentally disabled, elderly, soon-to-be mother’s, toddlers, addiction and recovery, disadvantaged youth, and many more.

Collaboration is a vital pillar. We call our practitioners and partners to really play a co-creator role. Our definition of collaboration includes that all parties get to feel a genuine ownership in the process and outcomes, as well as it being an opportunity for the individual and organizational growth of both ourselves and our partners.