About Us


The Yoga Summit seeks to aid the transformation and healing of Akron through authentic collaboration, inclusive care, and the exploration/celebration of all backgrounds, faiths and ages from individuals/families/groups/non-profits/companies in our city by utilizing the practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sustainability, non-violence and more.

The Yoga Summit was founded on 4 pillars:

Wisdom is a celebration of knowledge as well as the knowledge-bearers; we see the wisdom existent already in our community. Joy, non-violence and authenticity all fall under this pillar.

Service is a sacred acknowledgement for The Yoga Summit. As members of this community, we encourage authentic giving and care. This vision includes leadership development, which supports mentorship, and empowers yogis and other healing practitioners to play effective roles in the healing of our city and people.

Accessibility brings the simple, non-dogmatic and powerful teachings of movement, stillness, non-violence, etc to all people in our community. Striving to bring practices and practitioners to underserved communities, we travel to people of all physical and mental abilities, ages, races, genders, economic levels. To be more specific, communities like the visually impaired, domestic violence shelters, disadvantaged youth, deaf, autistic, special needs, elderly, soon-to-be mother’s, toddlers, addiction recovery, and many more. 

Collaboration joins our practitioners and partners into true co-creator roles. We strive for all parties involved to feel a genuine ownership in the process and outcomes, as well as an opportunity for individual and organizational growth.


Co-Directors: Kristie Leahy Comsia, Eden Koz and Zach Friedhof.
Contact Kristie at (330) 208-9730 for more info and for programming customized to you.