Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education Courses ($10 per class)

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Thursday, September 21 / 5 pm – 7 pm / The Front Porch Cafe / Akron, Ohio

Welcoming the Differently Abled: Making Your Yoga Center Accessible & Inclusive with Nancy Holland (Akron’s Blue Hen Yoga, Free Akron Yoga)

This Continuing Education offering is designed for both Yoga Studio Owners and Yoga Teachers, interested in both creating a more diverse and welcoming Yoga environment, and also meeting Ohio and federal legal standards for operating a commercial enterprise. Taught by Nancy L. Holland, a practicing attorney, experienced in the area of disability rights, and also an E-RYT, this is an essential overview of the heart and mind- and legal requirements- of inclusivity. Primarily lecture format, with a brief, gentle movement and meditation segment. Nancy’s presentation does not constitute legal advice, nor compliance review, but is designed to provide you with an understanding of “best practices” for yoga business, while encouraging access of “highest self,” in welcoming all. (2 YA CE Credits)

Thursday, September 21 / 5 pm – 8 pm / God’s Heartbeats to the City / Canton, Ohio

Yoga, Body Image & Food: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Day Dilemmas with Julie Norman (Body Karma Healing)

Nearly 12 million Americans of various shapes, sizes, genders and ages suffer with eating disorders. Millions more are tormented by food and body preoccupation. The yoga mat is a place people can find solace and support for theses struggles. Unfortunately, the influence of western culture with its obsessive focus on food and fitness can negatively affect us and our teaching style potentially triggering or exacerbating these issues in our students. Join local expert Julie Norman for an in-depth look at food and body image along the path of yoga. Learn about the complexities of our relationship with food and body beyond the scale and mirror as well as how to create a safe space for every body and soul in all of your classes. (3 YA CE Credits)

Saturday, September 23 / 8 am – 10 am / Silo Arts Studio & The Meadow

Deep Relaxation Beyond Śavasana: A Workshop for Students and Yoga Teachers with Matt Lerner, E-RYT 500 (Spiritual Life Society & Yoga Center of Hudson)

No experience required, and all are welcome. During this 2-hour class, you will experience an authentic Yoga Nidra lasting about one hour, and you will also learn:
• How it is different than regular sleep, relaxation, Śavāsana, and meditation (dhyana)
• How to practice at home
• Where to get more resources to deepen your practice.

Yoga Nidra is a practice of guided, deep relaxation. While “Yoga Nidra” literally means “Yogic Sleep”, Yoga Nidra is a focused, dynamic state, designed to enable peace and self-healing. All that is required is that you focus on the instruction and stay awake!

Yoga Alliance continuing education DIGITAL certificate is available for an extra $5, or a hard-copy certificate suitable for framing for an extra $10. (2 YA CE Credits)

Sunday, September 24 / 8 am – 10 am / Silo Arts Studio & The Meadow

Cultural Competency & Personal Reflection: A Foundation for Facilitating Accessible, Just, Resilient  and Informed Practices and Spaces with Kelly McHood, Kristie Leahy, and Zach Freidhof (Yoga Summit)

This class is open to all teachers and students who want to explore the idea of allowing Yoga to be a Path that is accessible to those outside of studio walls and yoga pants. We will use personal reflection to assess our biases, privilege, and triggers. In addition, we will discuss ways in which we can be more culturally competent, trauma-informed, and resilient-minded in our space holding. (2 YA CE Credits)