What is accessible yoga?


Accessible yoga allows for people of all ages, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, ways of being, experiences, and expressions of self a to walk the Path of Yoga. It is the creation of classes and spaces where all people feel welcomed and encouraged to delve into yoga practices, to share yoga with others, and are accepted as part of the greater community. It favors equity, justice, and inclusivity. It moves beyond the narrow-minded, Westernized, capitalist version of yoga we see in advertisements and media. It promotes yoga for people outside of white, middle to upper class, able-bodied, cisgendered women. There is room for ALL of US to benefit from the Path of Yoga.

To learn more about accessible yoga, visit the organization Accessible Yoga (for which we owe much of our inspiration to) who are a group of individuals creating a movement in regards to making yoga practices available for a diverse audience!

In 2016, as part of the Akron Yoga Summit, we began our Everyone Can Do Yoga day where we highlighted classes for folks who felt they could not “do yoga” for various reasons. Our classes included yoga for addiction recovery, toddlers, expectant parents, the deaf community, individuals with disabilities, chair yoga, and Holy Yoga! This year, we will have an Akron Accessible Yoga Day and Canton Accessible Yoga day on Thursday, September 21, 2017! 

Email us at akronyogasummit@gmail.com if you are:

  • An individual or group looking for an accessible yoga class
  • A teacher looking to bring more accessibility and inclusivity to the classroom
  • An organization looking to bring accessible yoga to your members or employees
  •  A business or organization who offers accessible yoga