Our Team

There has always been an abundance of love, effort and collaboration poured into the building of this growing community since its inception in 2015. Founders Zach Freidhof, Kelly McHood and Kristie Leahy Comsia worked together for the first three years with much of the yoga and meditation community in Northeast Ohio to bring a yearly weekend of activities to dive deeper into the practices of yoga. Year two brought the idea of offering “accessible” yoga practices for the community at large. This included communities and populations that might not otherwise be exposed to the tools and resources yoga, mindfulness, kindness and connection can provide. Year four brought a slight shift to our team welcoming Eden Koz as Co-Director.

The Yoga Summit now offers a once-monthly donation-based traveling meditation with Eden, Zach and Kristie to help facilitate connection in our growing community as well as to provide valuable funding for our outreach programming, where we bring practices of “Accessible Movement, Stillness and More” to organizations and businesses. Find the updated schedule of events on our facebook page.