Present or Volunteer

Would you like to offer a class or workshop on The Path of Yoga at the 2017 Yoga Summit Festival?

Our theme this year is the Sacred Self. We ask that your offering explore this idea.

When we stop the body, breathe deeply, move our consciousness to our hearts to allow deep FEELING to occur, and are present in the moment instead of the past or future, we align ourselves with our own inner awesome-ness and the sacred self cannot be denied nor can it be contained. We wish for the Yoga Summit Festival, Canton 2017  to be a catalyst for inspiring & uncovering the Sacred Self within our own self & within our communities. We look forward to your like-minded & like-hearted offerings that uphold the belief that ALL our Sacred, Divine, & have the right to thrive here.

Please click here to fill out the application.  Applications due May 15, 2017.

Volunteer information for the Everyone Can Do Yoga Day and Yoga Summit Festival coming soon!